Club answer Trust questions

19 March 2013 08:42
The Trust has already received answers to some of the questions you as members raised during our recent fans' survey.

Stadium Manager, Wayne Nash, has looked at the issues concerning the match day experience and has given us the club’s response. (Full details below.)

Jon Day, who organised the Trust survey, said: “We are grateful to Wayne for such a speedy response. The questionnaire gave us as members a chance to raise a lot of issues with the club, from bike racks, food at the stadium to the price of tickets. It is great to be able to report back to you quickly on these matters and we thank the club for their timely answers.”

Here are answers to some of the questions you asked about match day in the survey. Your comments are followed by Wayne’s response.

How could the matchday experience be improved? 

“Allow fans to stand and create atmosphere.”

A. We are striving to strike a balance and have openly championed a singing sectioned which allows an area where there is more tolerance to standing. We are also promoting a singing section. But we will not allow standing in other areas! Not because it is a safety issue, but due to the fact that it is a customer service issue that affects many of our more vulnerable supporters (young, & aged) as well as the majority of supporters who simply want to sit and get a better view of the game.

We have commissioned a report by Prof. Stephen Frosdick in relation to our management of standing at Cardiff City Stadium. He accepts that we provide reasonable safety in the Canton Stand /Singing section but need to improve customer service provision in the Ninian.

“There are still issues with being able to hear the PA system clearly at several points in the ground.”

A. Work to further improve this is scheduled for May 2013.

“Car parking at/near the stadium is an increasing concern as attendances increase.”

A. We accept there are issues regarding parking and have been promoting the use of public transport. As such we have partnered with Cardiff Bus so that a family of up to 5 ticket holders can travel to matches on the Cardiff Bus network for £5. 

We have also introduced a ‘City Shuttle’ that takes fans directly to and from the central bus station to the Stadium main roundabout and picks up from the Stadium (opposite the Sandmartin pub) at the end of the game.

For those who still want to use private motor vehicles, the car park at Bessemer Rd (Fruit Market site) holds up to 1,000 cars, remains totally under utilised and has availability at £4 per car. 

“ I think the club have made a huge effort to make the day enjoyable. My only suggestion would be some healthy food snacks for children and adults but I guess they would not have a huge demand!

A. Levvy restaurants / Compass have made and will continue to provide a healthy option in the Family stand.  You are correct there is not a great demand and currently this will not be rolled out throughout the Stadium. 

“Quicker access to hot drinks at half time! Queue is horrendous. And hot drinks at full time on cup games that go to ET! Better support from the crowd. Its terribly quiet.”

A. We have Installed queueing systems at the majority of kiosks to improve the flow of customers. We accept that the half time period is difficult to service but have also introduced a pre paid voucher / collection service in the Canton & Ninian stands that has helped reduce such congestion. 

The current set up of the Stadium allows for a balance between, passion, decency and safety. As regards generating an atmosphere, the question should possibly be aimed at the fans themselves. It is people who make noise! We as an organisation certainly have tried to create an environment that allows for passion to be exuded.

“Get an area for supporters flags above the stands . A flag of every city crest through the years will acknowledge our history and show how the “brand” has evolved.”

A. The Club is currently working with the Trust to investigate the possibility but with potential stand sponsorships looming I understand it is difficult at this moment to progress.

Source: Cardiff City Online


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