Chopra tones down his 'quit' comments

23 July 2010 05:58
Michael Chopra has told of the frustration that caused him the threaten to quit Cardiff City. Speaking to the media today the centre-forward blamed frustration for his outburst where he said quitting was an option. He's backtracked from the 'quit' comment but is obviously unhappy at the way the summer has gone.Chopra told Sky Sports News: "It's just disappointing. I got told at the time there'd be players coming in and things like that."When things don't happen, it's like every other person, if things don't happen, you get disappointed."As a professional footballer and a person that's got high standards, I'm disappointed at what's happened at the minute."But I'm still a Cardiff City player and I'll continue to play well for them."When asked if he would still be a Bluebirds' player at the start of the season, Chopra added: "You'll have to ask the manager that, and the chairman. "I probably will be, yeah."Chopra is expected to line up for City at Notts County tomorrow.