CCS preparing for Premier League

11 July 2013 09:06
With new TV screens, and a new sponsor for the Canton Stand.

One of the first things fams will notice on arrival at Cardiff City Stadium this coming season is the newly sponsored Canton Stand.

A sponsorship deal with the Welsh Assembly means it will be called the 'Croeso' Stand which means Welcome in Welsh.

Steve Borley confirmed on Twitter

'We have received substantial sponsorship from Assembly to boost tourism in Wales'.

There was a bit of a reaction yesterday on social networking because of this but it's not unusual. Fans will always called it the Canton Stand and in it's past at Ninian Park it was called the Spar Family Stand and at the moment our current Grange End is the Family Stand sponsored by Peters Pies.

The Ninian Stand at CCS is still often referred to as the Bob Bank by those who sit in it.

There will two new big screens inside the stadium. One at either end of the ground and there will be a new LED display around the ground above the seating. 'Hawkeye goal line technology equipment will be in use this coming season and an extended TV gangtry is being built to accomodate the extra cameras needed.

Plans are in place and work is expected to start in the autumn on extending the Ninian Stand to increase capacity by over 5,000 in time for the European Super Cup that's being held at the stadium in 2014.

The first home friendly is three weeks Saturday on August 3rd against Chieveo with the first home League game on the weekend on August 24th against Man City. ko time to be confirmed.

Source: Cardiff City Online