CCS extention to 38,000 seats planned

19 June 2013 08:22
A new tier is set to be added to the Ninian Stand in time for the 2014/15 season.

One of the main issues highlighted to the Trust when they met the club last Friday was the plan to increase the capacity of Cardiff City Stadium.

It's hoped the current capacity of 26,868 will be increased to over 27,000 by the start of this coming season by adding extra seats in the corners of the stadium and next March it's intended to remove the roof of the Ninian Stand and have a new tier added with an extra 5,000 seats making the capacity over 32,000 for the 2014 / 15 season.

Then further seats will be added a second tier for the Canton and Grange Ends taking capacity upto 38,000.

Trust committee member Keith Morgan said

“Stage one is basically an extra 5,000 seats, extending the Ninian Stand to a second tier.

“The reason they can start it during the season is because they can put up a bit of steelwork outside and it only extends across the pavement area.

“They can be working on putting up steelwork in between games without affecting the inside of the bowl.

“For it to be able to be open in time for the following season, they would take the existing roof on the Ninian Stand.

“They were talking about doing that about March. That gives them time between May and August for a seat fit-out.”

Plans were also outlined for new training facilities at Hensol in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Trust chairman Tim Hartley said: "The plans for the club's new training facilities at Hensol are as impressive as those for the stadium and it's obvious the club wants to move fast to ensure Cardiff has all the facilities befitting a Premiership club.

"It was difficult to take it all in but we left the meeting impressed and excited by what we had seen.

"The club will arrange a presentation to fans of all of this work so watch this space."

Source: Cardiff City Online