Cardiff's promotion target reduces to 11 points

01 April 2013 11:27
The Bluebirds have seven games to reach that target But. Cardiff's win against Blackburn was a huge boost towards promotion.

Campbell scores opening goal v Blackburn

if Watford fail to beat Hull on Tuesday evening then it will reduce without City even playing.

The following info should help understand what's required:

Cardiff need 11 points to guarantee promotion.    If Watford win at Hull it stays at 11 points. If Watford draw it drops to 9 points required If Watford lose it drops to 8 points required.    If Watford fail to beat Hull and we then beat Watford on Saturday (causing a six point shift) we would be promoted if we beat Barnsley next Tuesday.    At the very worse and Watford win at Hull and then beat us we would still need 11 points from 6 games (four of which are at home) and that's based on Hull and Watford winning all their remaining games.    There's no doubt that the win over Blackburn was massive and has given City one step in the Premier League.

Source: Cardiff City Online