Bluebirds Unite meet in Cardiff

12 June 2013 09:01
Several hundred fans gather to show their support for our traditional colours.

Several hundred fans gathered at The Corporation last night to discuss the way forward in attempting to get the club to return to blue.

Bluebirds Unite founding member Sian Branson (pictured in the centre holding up a petition that has attracted over 5,000 signatures online) addressed congregated supporters, saying: “We feel that with Cardiff City being promoted to the Premiership and the club being on the world stage, it’s more important than ever our identity is restored.”

The meeting heard of plans to organise a committee, register the group as a charity supporting youth football, organise family days and ask for a meeting with the club.

Ms Branson said: “We are Welsh, we are the capital city of Wales and we are proud of our history, heritage and identity.

“To us, it would be like someone trying to take away the colour of the Welsh rugby jersey and badge. I appreciate we are not the national team but for a lot of us it’s as close as we get.

“I don’t think even Vincent Tan has been told exactly what it means to us.

“If he thought blue was bad luck, why would he buy a blue club?

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Source: Cardiff City Online