Bluebirds Unite arrange open meeting

04 June 2013 01:28
And their petition has gone through the 4,400 barrier.

Bluebirds Unite are attracting more and more interest. A petition launched by the group, who are urging Vincent Tan to return to blue, has gathered over 4,400 signatures (at the time of writing).

Next week the group are holding a public meeting. Details below:

BLUEBIRDS UNITE – Group Meeting Tuesday 11th June @ 7pm (Corporation Public House- Cowbridge Rd, Canton, Cardiff)There will be media present so BU and associated members will be in the spot light- This is our time to show - Who we are !!!!

WE NEED YOU ALL THERE, DRESSED IN BLUE to show strength, unity and belief in our cause. Please organise babysitters, shifts etc if @ all possible & say you were there & that you fought with your heart for our clubs - HISTORY, PRIDE & IDENTITY!

It's only too late when you give up & if pro Reds are starting to turn, then we are obviously not wrong in what we believe. Together we stand strong - Bluebirds Unite !To sign the petition visit

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Source: Cardiff City Online