Bluebirds resolve Langston debt

23 July 2013 01:17
Cardiff City FC have reached a deal over its long-standing debt with Langston.

The agreement, thought to be worth about £15m, will clear the historic debt and see Sam Hammam take up the honorary title of Life President at the club.

Tan Sri Vincent Tan told the official website, “I am grateful and indebted to Sam Hammam, Michael Isaac and Michael Filiou for their part in this resolution, which brings to a close a lengthy period of uncertainty. 

“This settlement allows us to look to a new era of financial stability, which should be celebrated by all connected to Cardiff City. I am delighted, primarily for the supporters of this great club that we can put this matter firmly behind us and plan for our future with confidence." 

Sam Hammam, said, “This resolution will rightly be regarded as a proud and historic occasion for all associated with Cardiff City Football Club. Now that an amicable agreement has been reached, thanks in most part to the vision of Tan Sri Vincent Tan and the important role of Michael Isaac and Michael Filiou, the club can now focus on the exciting Premier League season ahead, while building for the future with optimism."

Source: Cardiff City Online