Bellamy stunned at Moody departure

14 October 2013 10:49
City striker backing Malky but is surprised by Moody leaving the club.

Craig Bellamy has spoken out in support of manager Malky Mackay after the dramatic off field events of the past few days.

Head of recruitment Iain Moody has left the club to replaced by a 23 year friend of Vincent Tan's son.

The apointment of the inexperienced intermin replacement, Alisher Apsalyamov, has caused widespread mirth and disbelief throughtout football with the media not knowing how to deal with the information.

I've not read one article or listended to any discussion where the experienced football writers can make head or tail of the bizarre actions of Vincent Tan.

Bellamy feels Moody is a big loss: "Iain is a huge loss for us, a huge loss because he is outstanding. Any club with Iain Moody is a miles better club, without a shadow of a doubt."

Bellamy has nothing but praise for Malky Mackay. Incredibly the odds on Mackay becoming the next Premier League manager to leave his post have plummeted, but the Wales skipper believes Malky has worked wonders at Cardiff.

"As a manager Malky is the best young British manager out there and what he's done for this club in a short space of time is nothing short of remarkable," Bellamy said. "We've got a group of players and fans who are united - and he's done all that.

"He's responsible for the connection between the fans and the players. We are such a tight-knit group now, the discipline he has brought into this club is remarkable."

He added: "I'm just a player, I can only talk from a player's point of view and I can't try and dictate to anyone above me but the simple fact is I am very fortunate as a player to be working with the guy.

"He's certainly brought everyone together at Cardiff and we needed that. That's not being disrespectful to the managers who were here before him but he's taken it on to another level. He's united the city and being from Cardiff that makes me feel very proud."

Malky's future could be decided at a board meeting today.

Source: Cardiff City Online