Answers to yesterday's Everton questions

01 September 2013 10:40
Set by Paul Evans

60’s. City signed the superb Brian Harris from Everton in 1966, what were the three shirt numbers he wore during his five years at Cardiff?

 70’s. The Everton goalkeeper who played against us in the Fifth Round FA Cup tie in February 1977 was born in Newcastle and started his career with a club that was voted out of the Football League in 1970 – can you name the goalkeeper and his first club?

 80’s. Name a City striker from this decade who played for Everton in a FA Youth Cup Final.

 90’s. Everton won the League Championship and the European Cup Winners Cup and also were beaten finalists in the FA Cup in 84/85, who were the two members of their squad that season who went on to play for City in the 90’s?

 00’s. What did Everton do in this decade for the first time since the fifties?

 10’s. Name the player, signed from Everton, who left the club in 2010.


60’s. Six, nine and twelve – there is evidence that he did also wear the number ten shirt for one match, but this was not backed up by the reference material I used when setting the question which had him down as being our number six that day.

70’s. David Lawson – his first club was Bradford Park Avenue.

80’s. Mark Farrington.

90’s. Kevin Ratcliffe and Alan Harper.

00’s. Not win a trophy.

10’s. Darren Dennehy.



Source: Cardiff City Online