Allardyce: Malky will never be the winner

20 December 2013 09:03
The man with the money will win every time.

Sam Allardyce has pragmatically stated this morning that in a battle bewteen owner and manager there's only one winner.

“Whatever has happened with transfer budgets or whatever has clearly created a difference between the owner and Malky,” he said, speaking on Talksport.

“It is very disappointing they can’t resolve it because Malky will never be the winner. If the new owner decides he wants a change, eventually he will find the man he wants and that will be it.

“It’s happened to me twice. I wasn’t the choice of the owners and other people talk to them and they decide to go another way, no matter how well you might be doing.

“The relationship between the owner and manager is crucial and if that breaks down and goes wrong you will always pay the price as the manager.”

Source: Cardiff City Online