Knill calls for Gigg Lane change

10 May 2010 04:32
Manager Alan Knill wants fundamental change at Gigg Lane after Bury failed to make the League Two play-offs.Despite being in the top seven for much of the campaign, the Shakers finished in ninth spot.

Knill told BBC Radio Manchester: "It's time for change at Bury Football Club.

"For two years, we've had a real good go and it hasn't worked. So now we have to sit down and reflect. I've got some players out of contract who I'll probably lose as we can't pay them."

He added: "So it's time for a change. Not time for a change of direction, because we've been good, but a change as to how we, as a football club, are going to get better.

"It isn't just on the pitch because for two years we've been fantastic, we've been at the top of the league and we've given everyone something to shout about.

"But we're doing something wrong. We're not quite getting over the line and I want that.

"I want it for myself, for the players and for the supporters who've been fantastic again. I want them to be successful with us.

"We have to reflect on how we're going to do that and have a plan.

"It might be a year, it might be two years but there has to be a plan in place.

"I've got another year and that's my job. Firstly, to put a team out that competes, and then really have an eye on the rest of the football club so every year we have a team that competes.

"I've got some ideas of what I want to do then we'll see if the board go along with those.

"For the first two thirds of the season, we were full of energy; for the last third, we're not.

"And we're asking the players - especially the ones in the wide, 'energy' positions - to perform at the top of their game every week.

"Sometimes they need a rest. But we just aren't able to go out and get somebody.

"So that has to change. Through the season, we need to be able to just to go and get somebody and not have to ship somebody out to get somebody else in.

"I've got some ideas and we'll see if the board agree with them or they don't."

Source: BBC_Sport