Win comes with McCann boost

15 November 2010 05:17
Not only did Burnley beat Watford on Saturday but there was also good news about Chris McCann I found on browsing through the match programme. Under the title of "Doctor's Orders" I found an article that was reporting McCann's visit to see the specialist and it was good news. Perhaps expecting a long session with the medic, McCann said afterwards: "I was basically in and out and he was really pleased with what he saw."He said that for how far I am after having an operation the knee looks immaculate at the minute. It looks really well. He said he was really surprised at how well it's doing. There's a lot of muscle come back there already, which is probably the main thing I have to work on. It's going really well and hopefully that continues.He added: "I can step up the training. I have started back running and just jogging with the physios, nothing too strenuous yet, just breaking myself in gently and getting used to the motion of running again and hopefully just stepping it up a little bit from there."It's definitely a boost. For the last couple of weeks before I went to see the specialist I felt like I was going through the motions a bit. I could do what I could do and I was just hoping that I could go back there and see him and everything was alright and now I can start doing a little bit more, some twisting and turning in the gym and get back on the grass and starting to do a bit of running."Until I can run properly and get full control of my leg again I will just be doing stuff without the ball. I will just be building it up gradually and not going too fast. It's one step at a time. Getting back running is the main thing and then obviously the ball comes next."It has been a long time since we saw Chris in first team action at Turf Moor, as long as fourteen months ago when he was forced off in the win against Sunderland with a knee injury. It was reported then by the club that he could be out for two to three months but there have been two failed attempts to return.The first was in January. He played a full game at Reading in the FA Cup but lasted only a few minutes on his Premier League return at Bolton. Then, a further problem in Singapore during the pre-season brought about this full repair of the knee because of his anterior cruciate ligament.I think everyone knows how much he's been missed and what a boost it will be to the team when he does return. McCann hopes the next stage goes well and ended by saying: "Hopefully that will give me the all clear to resume training and push on to get back in the team."