Welcome to John B

30 October 2010 10:11
I hadn't heard the name John Banaszkiewicz until a few months ago when speculation on the message board suggested he might be a new member coming on to Burnley Football Club's board of directors. Barry Kilby - chairman and biggest shareholder with a 30% holdingA quick search found that he is a Burnley fan who uses the name John B (a great help meaning I won't have to try and remember the spelling of his full surname) and the co-founder and managing director of Freight Investor Solutions. There was no evidence to back up the speculation but almost within days his name appeared alongside our pre-season trip to Singapore and it was clear he was set to get involved.The Burnley board, at the time we won at Wembley in May 2009, was an unwieldy ten strong but the sad death of Ray Griffiths soon after reduced it to nine and the more recent departure of former vice-chairman Ray Ingleby has seen it reduced further to eight.Now, the board is set to go down to five with John B coming on board with four of the eight - Chris Duckworth, Martin Hobbs, John Sullivan and John Turkington - set to leave with the new man to buy their shares as well as making further investment in the club.The four directors set to leave have all played their part as the club has risen from the third division when Barry Kilby first became chairman. John Turkington is the longest serving of the four having joined the board in August 1999.Chris Duckworth followed in August 2000, Martin Hobbs in April 2001 and the most recent was John Sullivan who became a director in April 2004.That will leave the new man sitting on a board of five. Clive Holt, set to remain, is the longest serving by some distance having become a director in the summer of 1986 just ahead of that traumatic Orient season.Kilby joined the board in October 1998 and Mick Garlick and Brendan Flood became directors in October and December 2006 respectively.In June 2010, Kilby held a 30% interest in the club, Flood's holding was 24% and Garlick's 16%. The remaining directors had a 14% share between them with the remaining 16% held outside the boardroom. This includes shares held by trusts and controlled companies.Confirmation of these changes is expected early next week.