We will get back the Chris McCann we all know and love

11 August 2010 07:11
The news of the extent of Chris McCann's injury is still sinking it with anyone, but manager Brian Laws has given the player a lift with the news that the club will continue talks on a new contract. Chris is in the last season of his current deal and recently Laws said the club would be talking to him about a new contract, and nothing has changed on that score despite the fact that Chris will be out for much, if not all, of this season."Chris is in the last year of his contract and this injury will not impact on our decisions," Laws said. "We expect him to make a full recovery and all it has done is put his career back twelve months."What we also expect is to readdress his contractual situation because we are not going to let it run down whatsoever. As I said, the welfare of the player is paramount and we have a great deal of time for the lad. "He has been a fantastic player for this football club - and he will be. There is no hesitation at all from our point of view to review his contract and we will be doing that very soon."Laws admitted that the news was a huge setback but confirmed that McCann is fully behind the decision. "I had the very same injury twenty odd years ago and I made a full recovery and carried on playing for another fifteen years, so this is not career threatening."However, if the knee is unstable, it is not going to be strong enough for the rigours of modern day football and clearly, with Chris continuing to have the problem. the alarm bells are ringing too loud for us not to do anything."Chris is in a good place. He is 100% behind the decision and happy at the processes we have put in place. The welfare of the player is paramount and we must make sure he is 100% in mind and physically."We have made all the right decisions now and hopefully we will get back the Chris McCann we all know and love."


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