Walton hands Southampton another home win

21 November 2011 01:07
Whilst we now look perilously close to the bottom three following Bristol City's win at Millwall yet, there was drama at the top of the league as Southampton easily beat Brighton courtesy of some horrendous refereeing from Peter Walton.

Two Nicky Maynard goals at the Den yesterday meant Bristol City became only the second club this season to beat Millwall there. They deserved it. They are right in the middle of their honeymoon period just now with new manager Derek McInnes who, according to the players, is allowing them to play rather than just kick the ball long.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out there once the new man has settled down. Remember we won six and lost just once of the first nine league games under Eddie Howe when he came in. That's what happens so maybe it is premature to suggest Bristol City will climb their way out.

Now to the top of the league and the incredible game at St. Mary's. It was 0-0 at half time but it was then that Premier League referee Walton decided to add a bit of drama. He awarded Southampton a penalty for a foul that was so far outside the box it was ridiculous and then a second one when Rickie Lambert went down untouched.

Mind you, he also waved away the most blatant of penalties so at least he was showing some consistency. Brighton were incensed. They argued with him and they pushed him. He didn't like it and the cards kept coming out. His one red and seven yellow cards even beat Darren Deadman's six at Derby (all but one for the away team naturally) on Saturday.

You've got to hand it to Southampton. They haven't dropped a single point at home since 15th January when Notts County played out a 0-0 draw. That's 18 successive home wins for them. That's something our fans just couldn't imagine right now as we currently sit on a run of only 4 wins in the last 16 home games in the league.

Southampton are now in a very strong position, already eight points clear of the play offs. They'd have to collapse in the same way as we did ten years ago to avoid a return to the Premier League you would think.

West Ham look favourites to join them whilst at the other end of the table both Coventry and Doncaster are falling further away. 

The Weekend Results Saturday 19th November Barnsley 2 Doncaster Rovers 0 Middlesbrough 2 Blackpool 2 Birmingham City 1 Peterborough United 1 Nottingham Forest 3 Ipswich Town 2 Burnley 1 Leeds United 2 Reading 1 Cardiff City 2 Coventry City 1 West Ham United 2 Southampton 3 Brighton & Hove Albion 0 Derby County 0 Hull City 2 Watford 2 Portsmouth 0 Sunday 20th November Leicester City 3 Crystal Palace 0 Millwall 1 Bristol City 2


The Weekend Stats Biggest Win

Leicester City 3-0 v Crystal Palace (home)Southampton 3-0 v Brighton & Hove Albion (home)

Total Goals Scored 35 (20 home - 15 away)

Player Scoring Most Goals

3 - Rickie Lambert (Southampton) Highest Attendance 31,812 - Southampton v Brighton & Hove Albion Lowest Attendance 10,252 - Millwall v Bristol City Total Yellow Cards 34 Total Red Cards 1 Most Cards in a Game Southampton v Brighton & Hove Albion (7Y 1R) Ref: Peter Walton


Leading Goalscorers (League Only) 12 Rickie Lambert (Southampton) - includes 5 penalties 9 Ross McCormack (Leeds United) 8 Charlie Austin (Burnley)Darius Henderson (Millwall)Grant McCann (Peterborough United) - includes 2 penaltiesChris Wood (Birmingham City) 7 Marvin Emnes (Middlesbrough)Kevin Phillips (Blackpool) 6 Michael Chopra (Ipswich Town)Guly Do Prado (Southampton)Matt Fryatt (Hull City)Lukas Jutkiewicz (Coventry City)Nicky Maynard (Bristol City)Jonjo Shelvey (Blackpool) - includes 1 penaltyPete Whittingham (Cardiff City) - includes 1 penalty 5 Keith Andrews (Ipswich Town)Sam Baldock (West Ham United)Ashley Barnes (Brighton & Hove Albion) - includes 2 penaltiesDavid Connolly (Southampton)Carlton Cole (West Ham United)Steve Davies (Derby County) - includes 1 penaltyAdam Lallana (Southampton)Craig Mackail-Smith (Brighton & Hove Albion)Kenny Miller (Cardiff City)David Nugent (Leicester City)Theo Robinson (Derby County)Barry Robson (Middlesbrough) - includes 1 penaltyMarvin Sordell (Watford)Paul Taylor (Peterborough United)Luke Varney (Portsmouth)Ross Wallace (Burnley)


Hat Tricks  Date Player & Game 20/08/11 3: Lee Tomlin - PETERBOROUGH UNITED v Ipswich Town 10/09/11 3: Rickie Lambert - SOUTHAMPTON v Nottingham Forest 11/09/11 3: Chris Wood - BIRMINGHAM CITY v Millwall 12/10/11 3: Darius Henderson - Leicester City v MILLWALL 02/11/11 3: Jonjo Shelvey - Leeds United v BLACKPOOL 19/11/11 3: Rickie Lambert - SOUTHAMPTON v Brighton & Hove Albion


Disciplinary Record (League and Cup) Club Y R Y R Club Y R Y R   League   Total   League  Total  Barnsley 26 0 27 0 Ipswich Town 19 3 19 3 Birmingham City 22 0 22 0 Leeds United 28 5 32 5 Blackpool 26 0 27 1 Leicester City 28 3 32 3 Brighton and Hove Albion 43 2 49 2 Middlesbrough 25 2 26 2 Bristol City 26 0 27 0 Millwall 26 0 29 0 Burnley 21 1 29 1 Nottingham Forest 23 1 26 1 Cardiff City 20 0 28 0 Peterborough United 21 2 23 2 Coventry City 17 2 18 2 Portsmouth 29 2 32 2 Crystal Palace 20 0 22 0 Reading 23 0 25 0 Derby County 25 1 25 1 Southampton 20 2 21 2 Doncaster Rovers 27 0 27 0 Watford 24 0 25 0 Hull City 30 0 30 0 West Ham United 26 1 26 2


Highest and Lowest Attendances Highest Lowest Att Fixture Att Fixture 33,465 West Ham United v Portsmouth (10/09) 6,351 Peterborough United v Cardiff City (18/10) 33,010 Derby County v Southampton (15/10) 7,778 Doncaster Rovers v Bristol City (27/08) 32,150 Southampton v West Ham United (18/10) 7,901 Peterborough United v Burnley (17/09) 31,812 Southampton v Brighton & Hove Albion (19/11) 7,928 Peterborough United v Ipswich Town (20/08) 31,448 West Ham United v Blackpool (15/10) 8,426 Doncaster Rovers v Coventry City (29/10) 30,410 West Ham United v Leicester City (29/10) 8,500 Peterborough Utd v Doncaster Rovers (01/10) 30,391 Derby County v Hull City (19/11) 8,685 Peterborough United v Hull City (10/09) 29,895 West Ham Utd v Peterborough Utd (24/09) 8,900 Barnsley v Bristol City (29/10) 28,252 West Ham United v Leeds United (21/08) 9,362 Doncaster Rovers v Crystal Palace (24/09) 27,980 West Ham United v Bristol City (01/11) 9,464 Doncaster Rovers v Nottingham Forest (16/08)


The Next Fixtures Tuesday 22nd November Birmingham City v Burnley Coventry City v Cardiff City Saturday 26th November Blackpool v Birmingham City Hull City v Burnley Brighton & Hove Albion v Coventry City Ipswich Town v Reading Bristol City v Southampton Leeds United v Barnsley Cardiff City v Nottingham Forest Peterborough United v Middlesbrough Crystal Palace v Millwall Portsmouth v Leicester City Doncaster Rovers v Watford West Ham United v Derby County (17:20)


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