Turf Moor is back with the Clarets

04 July 2013 10:41
Burnley Football Club are once again the proud owners of the Turf Moor ground and the Gawthorpe training ground after raising £3.5 million to complete the deal.

There will be mixed views from supporters, there are on all matters involving our club, but this is outstanding news as far as I'm concerned.

I understood the need to sell both sites to Longside Properties in 2006 but I always hoped we would reach a time when they would again come under the umbrella of the football club. The deal had first been recommended in 2003 before eventually going through almost three years later.

The timing of the buyback is just about perfect too, coming in a week when Coventry look as though they might be playing their home games next season around 35 miles from the Ricoh Arena at the hardly palatial Sixfields Stadium, home of League Two club Northampton.

The Burnley and Coventry situations are so very different but, even so, when you look at what their supporters are being put through, I see it as nothing but good news that we are no longer subject to any decisions of an external landlord.

The deal means there will no rent to pay and that means an eventual saving for the club of almost half a million every year, and those who have stumped up some money to ensure the club could complete the deal will get some more involvement as part of an advisory group that is being set up.

Joint chairman John Banaszkiewicz, who has led the buyback plan, said: "It is important to have Turf Moor and Gawthorpe back under our wing."

For the cynics, at least this signing isn't a goalkeeper, although admittedly it's neither a midfielder nor a striker, but the return of Turf Moor and Gawthorpe could be our most important signing this summer.

Source: Clarets Mad