Three stars of the sixties

20 August 2010 04:07
Three of Burnley's stars from the post Championship era will be the special guests tomorrow at the game versus Leicester City, and will be on the pitch at half time. Ralph Coates - one of three special guestsAndy Lochhead, a former Leicester player as well as a former Claret, will lead the way and he'll be flanked by two of his former team mates and two of the most influential Burnley players during their time at Turf Moor.On one side will be Ralph Coates who was a star at Burnley until our relegation in 1971, after which he signed for Spurs in a deal with £190,000. He retains a great affection for both of those clubs and was at our two games at White Hart Lane in 2009 as well as travelling to Turf Moor for that heart breaking semi-final second leg in January of last year.Alongside Lochhead and Coates it needed to be a star, and my word we've found one in Brian O'Neil. A massive crowd favourite from 1963 to 1970 before signing for Southampton, he was probably my all time favourite player during that period.What a line up - O'Neil, Lochhead and Coates - I wonder just how much they would cost in today's transfer market.