The new CLARET-TAXI Service

01 April 2013 12:03
The new marketing and 'ideas' team at Burnley Football Club are pleased to announce a new service we offer to supporters. We pride ourselves on being the club for its people.

This is the new CLARET-TAXI service, the taxis for ‘our’ people.

We are aware that travel by taxi is a preferred option for many people in Burnley, either to go shopping, visit relatives or collect benefits.

Research shows that in this age of rising fuel costs, many people are now abandoning their cars in favour of using taxis for all journeys as this, over a full year, works out cheaper than owning a car when you take into account licence costs, insurance, servicing and depreciation.

Even for away trips to away games, three people sharing one taxi will find this a cheaper option than using Supporters Club coaches.

The club intends to have its own small fleet of six vehicles, to be paid for by sponsorship and logo advertising. These will therefore be self-financing. These will be painted in claret and blue and will be instantly recognisable. The first six vehicles will be Fiat Pandas but in time a fleet of four limos will be added for extra comfort on longer journeys.

We anticipate that demand will be high and the initial six vehicles will be inadequate. We therefore invite interested drivers to add their own vehicles to the pool we shall build up. The conditions are:

The vehicle owner must be available to drive the said vehicle and able to read the Highway Code.

Drivers must be willing to undertake all journeys whether short or long distance.

Owners must be willing to have their car decorated with the new CLARETAXI logo and advertising.

Must have a clean licence or a licence where all previous points are no longer valid.

Drivers must be willing to transport footballers between Turf Moor and Gawthorpe without asking for autographs.

Possession of a smart suit and a peaked cap would be an advantage but not essential. A claret and blue jacket can be provided on request and on payment of a £35 refundable deposit.

Any conversations overheard in the back of the taxi are confidential and the property of the football club

The vehicle must be roadworthy and taxed and comprehensively insured, fully maintained and serviced with records that can be inspected.

The club has high standards and will not consider any vehicle that is over 20 years old or has bald tyres.

Should there be too many applicants, then a skills course will be laid out in the rear car park for drivers to demonstrate their capabilities, and the best drivers will then be selected. 

Interested driver/owners are invited to call in and leave their details at reception, or telephone or email the club before the end of April. 

Source: Clarets Mad


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