The New Challenges that Lie Ahead for Sean Dyche at Turf Moor

14 June 2017 07:06

The New Challenges That Lie Ahead For Sean Dyche at Turf Moor.

Media speculation and an assortment of Croydon based hopes and aspirations suggests Sean Dyche has “hit the ceiling” and gone as far as he can possibly go with his managerial career whilst domiciled at Turf Moor, the home of Burnley Football Club.

Wrong! As much as Crystal Palace Chairman Steve Parish would like to put the Clarets’ boss in the frame for the vacant managerial seat at Selhurst Park, Sean Dyche has laid solid foundations during his tenure at Turf Moor.

Burnley Chairman Mike Garlick has recently stated the need to keep fresh the challenges to stimulate Sean Dyche’s managerial motivation and interest at Turf Moor. Retaining the Clarets’ place at the top table of English football is an obvious challenge just for starters.

The need to reinforce his squad is an obvious priority and one that the other nineteen English Premier League managers are equally focused on. Dyche has done a remarkable job thus far; managing to break the Clarets’ transfer record three times in quick succession in what is acknowledged as being one of the EPL’s smaller budgets.

Burnley Football Club have key players coming out of contract and while Sean Dyche rolls the dice deciding whether to stick or twist and evaluate the value of each player to the Clarets’ cause. Dyche must decide and decide fairly quickly, whether to sell and cash in on the asset value or let players such as Michael Keane, Andre Gray and Scott Arfield run down their contracts and allow them to leave on free transfers at the end of the impending season.

Should Dyche decide to sell the players to the highest bidder he will have about six weeks to replace them with players of an equal or higher calibre than the ones departing and in the process spending less money than Burnley receive. That is quite a challenge!

He will have to consolidate on the usual early season rush of expectation, assemble a squad that can push on and try to harvest a League Cup or an FA Cup final and perhaps look to grabbing a place in the Europa League. Those ambitions are surely lofty enough to keep his interest alive at Turf Moor?

Sean Dyche it must be remembered has created an emotional attachment between himself and the Clarets’ fan base. There really is a special bond and mutual affection between the two. Joey Barton in his “No Nonsense” biography alludes to the special atmosphere Dyche has embellished at Turf Moor. Such bonds are hard to let go.

Dyche has ALSO directed the recent and greatly improved youth development policy at Burnley Football Club, to such an extent the club have just been awarded Category 2 status by the Premier League following an audit under the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP). It seems reasonable to me that Dyche will want to see the fruits of his labour rewarded at Burnley Football Club?

Dyche has supervised and driven a reported £10 million outlay at the new and improved Barnfield Training Centre on Burnley’s famous Gawthorpe site. Youngsters such as Daniel Agyei and Aiden O’Neill have seen their careers develop under the watchful auspices and careful nurturing of Sean Dyche.  Perhaps Sean Dyche’s greatest challenge is to see his young players break through and succeed in the Premier League with Burnley Football Club?

On careful reflection there are more than enough challenges to keep Sean Dyche on his toes at Burnley Football Club. On the day the English Premier League fixtures are announced, Dyche will know for certain the size of the imminent task in hand. (TEC).

Source: DSG