Rodriguez, Bartley & Duff star against Leeds and Birmingham

29 November 2011 11:58
The Clarets Mad Player of the Year Table has been brought up to date with the result of the two games against Leeds United at home and Birmingham City away. Marvin Bartley is now 9 points clear at the top

Jay Rodriguez was very much the star of the show against Leeds, winning both the man of the match vote and the player ratings. In the man of the match vote he polled 33.0%, ahead of Keith Treacy in second place (20.0%) and Kieran Tripper who was third with 11.1%.

He had a player rating of 7.46 out of 10 in the player ratings and that again gave him first place above Treacy whose rating was 6.91 with Chris McCann finishing third on this occasions with a rating of 6.74 out of 10.

Three days later at Birmingham the points were very much shared with Marvin Bartley just coming out ahead of Michael Duff. It was Bartley who took the man of the match with 31.4% of the vote, ahead of Treacy with 17.1% and Duff with 16.4%.

Duff, however, won the player ratings after a good performance in an otherwise troubled defence. He had a rating of 7.14 out of 10 with Bartley in second place with a rating of 6.43. Third place was shared between Rodriguez and Treacy who both had ratings of 6.14 out of 10.

The points have been added to the Clarets Mad Player of the Year Table and it now sees Bartley with a nine point lead over Charlie Austin and Lee Grant.

The voting continues for the Hull game until the end of today and will then be immediately followed by the vote for tonight's Ipswich game. You can vote for the man of the match via the front page or the VOTING POLLS page and leave your PLAYER RATINGS on the message board.

The results from the Leeds and Birmingham games are below, followed by the current player of the year table.

Burnley v Leeds

Man of the Match

33.0% - Jay Rodriguez (122 votes)20.0% - Keith Treacy (74 votes) 11.1% - Kieran Trippier (41 votes) 8.6% - Chris McCann (32 votes) 7.0% - Brian Easton (26 votes) 5.4% - Michael Duff (20 votes) 4.1% - Marvin Bartley (15 votes) 3.8% - David Edgar (14 votes) 2.4% - Sam Vokes (9 votes) 2.2% - Lee Grant (8 votes) 1.1% - Zavon HInes (4 votes) 0.8% - Charlie Austin (3 votes) 0.5% - Junior Stanislas (2 votes)

Player Ratings

7.46 - Jay Rodriguez6.91 - Keith Treacy6.74 - Chris McCann6.49 - Sam Vokes6.31 - David Edgar & Kieran Trippier6.29 - Michael Duff6.17 - Lee Grant6.14 - Charlie Austin5.97 - Marvin Bartley5.09 - Zavon Hines4.83 - Brian Easton4.17 - Junior Stanislas

Birmingham v Burnley

Man of the Match

31.4% - Marvin Bartley (44 votes) 17.1% - Keith Treacy (24 votes) 16.4% - Michael Duff (23 votes) 7.1% - Kieran Trippier (10 votes) 5.7% - Brian Easton & Lee Grant (8 votes) 4.3% - David Edgar (6 votes) 2.9% - Chris McCann, Jay Rodriguez & Ross Wallace (4 votes) 2.1% - Dean Marney (3 votes) 1.4% - Sam Vokes (2  votes)

Player Ratings

7.14 - Michael Duff6.43 - Marvin Bartley6.14 - Jay Rodriguez & Keith Treacy5.71 - Lee Grant5.43 - Ross Wallace5.29 - Brian Easton5.14 - Kieran Trippier5.00 - Chris McCann4.86 - Sam Vokes4.71 - Dean Marney4.43 - David Edgar

Clarets Mad Player of the Year

38: Marvin Bartley29: Charlie Austin & Lee Grant26: Kieran Trippier25: Ross Wallace23: Jay Rodriguez20: Andre Amougou17: Keith Treacy14: David Edgar11: Chris McCann9: Brian Easton5: Michael Duff, Wade Elliott & Junior Stanislas2: Ben Mee1: Zavon Hines


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