Positive reaction to the flexi-tickets

12 July 2013 05:40
Burnley today revealed that flexi-tickets will be available next season allowing supporters to purchase a multi-game package for the first half of the season to cover either four or six games.

In the days of an ever increasing number of games being moved for one reason or another, it has become more difficult for many supporters to justify buying a season ticket.

This is an idea that's been pushed for by supporters clubs over recent years and has finally been given the go ahead for the new season after the plan was proposed by ticket office staff.

It simply means you can pay for either four or six games and then decide which games to attend up to and including the Blackpool game on 21st December.  You can even claim up to two tickets for one game if you wish enabling you to share the pack with a friend.

There are ten home games to choose from, which is all of those in 2013 excluding the East Lancs derby against Blackburn, and tickets for all these games have gone on sale today. Details for prices and categories for each individual game can be found in the Ticket Information section of the site which is within the Clarets Latest drop down menu.

The flexi-ticket packs have two prices. There is a Premium price which enables you to buy a ticket for any area of the ground, and there is a standard pack for the Jimmy Mac Lower.

The reaction on the message board has been very positive. "I've been banging the drum for this kind of ticket to be introduced for some time now on this very forum," said thewellernut70, with thedonz posting: "This means that I will be going on more matches - really good scheme."

The ticket office too have seen that positive response with a number of the packs having already been sold today.

Prices are

Premium Six Pack

£140 - Adult

£85 - Senior & Under 22

£45 - Under 18

Premium Four Pack

£99 - Adult

£65 - Senior and Under 22

£30 - Under 18

Standard Six Pack

£125 - Adult

£75 - Senior & Under 22

£30 - Under 18

Standard Four Pack

£88 - Adult

£55 - Senior & Under 22

£25 - Under 18

Source: Clarets Mad