New names in the Internationals

16 June 2012 12:03
The Internationals feature on Clarets Mad has now been fully restored with some new names added since it was last online during 2011. Jock Aird, Scotland & New Zealand

Last week the first section went back online, those players who played full international football for their countries whilst at Burnley. There were three new names there in Keith Treacy, Leon Cort and Cameron Howieson who became Burnley's first ever Republic of Ireland, Guyana and New Zealand internationals respectively.

There are a total of 66 players in that first section and today section two has been added for those internationals who played for Burnley but didn't win any caps during their time at Turf Moor. This list is only post-war players and includes players who have represented sixteen different countries.

Again there are some new names here from when the feature was last online including one who should have been there previously.

Those new names are Josh McQuoid and Sam Vokes. Both had won caps prior to joining the Clarets on loan and Vokes has played for Wales again more recently.

Although not new names, Delroy Facey (Grenada) and Stanislav Varga, who won 54 caps for Slovakia, are no longer just names with their full international records available and more recent caps are shown for Gabor Kiraly, who has now played 85 times for Hungary, and Diego Penny who has recently been back in the Peru side.

Still unfortunately, there are no details of the caps won by Eric Djemba-Djemba, Drissa Diallo, David Johnson or Frank Sinclair.

That, finally, takes us to the new name who should have always been there. Indeed he was there in the first section under Scotland, Burnley's first ever Scottish international Jock Aird who represented his country four times in 1954 including two games in the World Cup Finals of that year in Switzerland.

It's only just come to light, for Clarets Mad that is, that after emigrating to New Zealand he made two more international appearances for his adopted country. To simplify things there are two separate pages for Jock Aird, one in each section.

I'd like to also thank Mikael Jönsson from Norway who is such a big help in ensuring these pages are kept to date.

The INTERNATIONALS feature is within the Players section of Clarets Mad.