Naylor has the last whistle of 2012

28 December 2012 05:42
Michael Naylor, from South Yorkshire, will referee our home game tomorrow against Leicester City, our last game of 2012.

Tomorrow will be his fourth Burnley game, the last of which was our trip to Watford in March last season when we were 2-0 up and went on to lose the game 3-2. He didn't cause us any problems that afternoon but just over four weeks earlier he'd refereed our win at Nottingham Forest when he allowed too much to go without taking any action. Still, that's better than a referee who wants to keep stopping the game.

He's in just his third season as a Football League referee. In his first season, 2010/11, he refereed just two Championship games, one of which was our 2-2 home draw against Coventry.  Last season saw ten of his 31 games at Championship level and this season, to date, six of his 17 games have been in the Championship.

In all of his three Burnley games he's done his best to keep the game moving and hasn't caused any problems at all. He's a referee who isn't over active with his cards either and this season there are 40 yellow cards and two red cards in his 17 games.

Of those yellow cards, 17 have gone to home team players and 23 to away team players. Both players sent off have been away team players, Yeovil's Jamie McAllister in a 3-0 JP Trophy win at Bristol Rovers and Kevin Ellison for Morecambe in a 2-0 defeat at Cheltenham.

His most recent game was last Friday's League Two game at Spotland with Rochdale beating Cheltenham 4-1. There were four yellow cards, Rochdale's Rhys Bennett and Darren Carter, Billy Jones and Darryl Duffy (Cheltenham).

Naylor is currently in 24th place in the RATE THE REF Table with a rating of 68.46 out of 100.

The assistant referees are Mark Jones (Nottinghamshire) and Ross Joyce (Cleveland). The fourth official is Bob Roberts (Lancashire).

Previous Burnley Games

Season Opponents V Res Y R Burnley Players Carded               2010/11 COVENTRY CITY h 2-2 4 0 n Carlisle, Elliott 2011/12 NOTTINGHAM FOREST a 2-0 0 0   2010/11 WATFORD a 2-3 2 0 n Wallace

Source: Clarets Mad