Laws delighted by Alexander return

05 March 2010 01:09
The 39-year-old has missed the last five Premier League matches, of which the Clarets have won just one and lost four.

Laws hopes the veteran Scot will bring some stability to his side as they take on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

"Alexander is available and that gives me food for thought," said the manager.

"We've particularly missed his vocal support on the pitch and his organisation.

"He is a player that does the right thing at the right time. That is no disrespect to any of the other players but he has a knowledge of the game and he has a calmness around him.

"He is good at organising and makes sure he gets his point across to the players as quickly as possible on the pitch and that is something we are going to need.

"We need to be organised and we need to have good communication, particularly with the way Arsenal play.

"It is not just ball-watching, you have to make sure what is behind and in front of you.

"If you have someone who is communicating well with players on the pitch it is like having eyes in the back of your head.

"It gives you a better chance so he has been invaluable to the team this season and I think we have missed him when he has been out of it."

Laws knows just how difficult a task taking on Arsenal at home is, irrespective of Burnley's woeful away record which has seen them earn just one point from 14 matches.

But he insists they will not travel to London with a defeatist mentality.

"They are a top quality side but they are not invincible and that's how we've got to approach it," said Laws.

"We've worked so hard to get to this point, why should we go there and be fearful?

"There's no point us getting on the coach if we are going to go there fearful.

"We have to go there with confidence and we will go there knowing that there is a result there if we want it.

"We have to make sure we are prepared right and mentally and physically we are switched on.

"The pressure is really on Arsenal. They are expected to beat us. That's the fact, but we have to go there and say we can change those facts and maybe get them a bit nervy.

"They will be looking at this as a must-win game but nobody guarantees a result and therefore there could be an upset."

Defender Leon Cort believes the fact everyone has written off their chances at the Emirates Stadium already can act as a motivating factor for the squad.

"It will be a tough game and our away form isn't great but we have to go there and keep believing," he said.

"We don't want to go there and roll over because they will punish us.

"A lot of people will say a result at Arsenal is a bonus as no-one in the country thinks we will get something but we have to believe we can.

"The whole country believes we are going to go there and get wiped clean but if we believe and stay strong as a team I believe we can cause an upset."

Source: Team_Talk