It augurs well for the future

09 October 2012 11:17
As always, I report any managerial changes in the division in which Burnley are playing. Today comes departure number two this season with Owen Coyle sacked at Bolton following on from Steve Kean leaving Blackburn.

I can't hide my delight at today's news for a man I can never forgive, a man who destroyed our one season in the Premier League when he walked out of Turf Moor in January 2010, the very place he said he'd be as long as he was wanted.

Managers move on, it's part of the game, and they leave clubs at a minutes' notice, just as our current manager Eddie Howe did when he joined us from Bournemouth. But there's a right way and a wrong way to do things and the deceitful Coyle most certainly did it the wrong way.

I loved it on the last day of last season's Premier League season when Bolton were relegated. I love it when he was doing his interview after the game. They are a club I've never really had much dislike for, that was until January 2010, but to see them drop under Coyle's management was just what I wanted.

I loved it when he twice brought them to Turf Moor and left with defeats, the abuse he got was fully deserved and the message on the plane just about summed things up correctly. It was good to see him with a face like thunder, for once not getting his own way.

I loved it when he was so blatantly snubbed on the pitch at the end of the cup game by Wade Elliott and, more so, by Clarke Carlisle, the players showing their distaste for what he'd done.

I doubt there will be many tears shed in Burnley with the news that Steve Davis has also lost his job. Poster andywharton on the message board, hearing today's news, said of Davis: "He got off more lightly in both visits to the Turf than he should."

I'm not sure what will happen to the DVD Coyle sent in to the Football League showing all the poor decisions that have cost Bolton points this season. He's continued to bleat about Martin Paterson's goal on the opening day - the one when Martin Petrov played him ONSIDE.

He's been at Bolton for almost three years, promising to improve the club year on year. He didn't get that right. No longer are they taking on the elite clubs as they regroup trying to reach the standards they had previously set.

One poster asked the question on the message board as to whether we could welcome him back - never in this world.

It really does augur well for the future.