Howieson is globetrotting again

09 October 2013 11:02
I was surprised, on arriving at the Turf for last night for the under-21 game against Wigan to see no sign of Cameron Howieson on the team sheet.

Nothing had been reported from Burnley that Cameron might be on international duty again so I expected him to be in the starting line up.

A quick check on the internet provided the answer from the player himself who had tweeted 'Departing for LA' only the day before.

I know New Zealand face a World Cup play-off against a CONCACAF country in November for a place in the finals in Brazil, and that looks likely to be either Panama or Mexico,  but they are currently in Los Angeles at a weeklong training camp which will end next Tuesday with a friendly international.

They will play two games in Los Angeles prior to that. Today they face Mexican club Querétaro at Citrus College  and Friday will see them come up against Chivas USA, who are currently bottom of the Western Conference of the MLS, at East LA College.

At the end of the training camp they will travel to Port of Spain where they play Trinidad & Tobago next Tuesday in a full international with Howieson hopeful of winning his seventh cap for the All Whites.

Source: Clarets Mad