Ground photographs across the world

07 June 2013 04:54
The end of season update is completed in the Ground Photos feature on Clarets Mad with new photographs to see as far apart as Brazil and Australia, as well as from Greece, Poland and San Marino and more in England.

The photographs of the grounds of those league clubs who have been either promoted or relegated have now been moved into the correct divisions for the 2013/14 season and includes new photographs from the grounds Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Peterborough and Wolves as well as Burnley.

A total of 74 of the 92 clubs in the Premier and Football Leagues are now featured including all of the Premier League and 23 of next season's 24 Championship clubs.

This latest update has also seen the addition of several lower level grounds in Australia, one new ground in each of Greece and Poland and some new photographs taken at the Maracana in Brazil just a few days ago for England's visit.

Country number 64 is added. That's San Marino and the Serravilla Stadium which is shown above. The number of different grounds featured is now 428 with a total of 1,656 different photographs.

The Ground Photos feature can be found in the Clarets Extra2 drop down.

Should you be going to be near or inside any grounds this summer then don' t forget to get your cameras out and take some photographs which you can EMAIL to Clarets Mad.

Source: Clarets Mad