Goalkeeper Harry Thomson passes away

15 March 2013 12:40
I've just learned of the sad news that former Burnley, Blackpool and Barrow goalkeeper Harry Thomson has passed away at the age of 72 after being diagnosed with throat cancer several months ago.

It's always sad to hear of the passing of a former Claret and Thomson was without doubt one of the most popular players during his time in the first team at Turf Moor, and that after replacing Adam Blacklaw in goal.

He walked on water, well that's what the fans would sing, and he also became a god in a green jersey after a performance of such quality in Italy against Napoli in the Fairs Cup.

Harry had reached the age of 24 before getting his chance in the first team. That was due to Blacklaw who seemed to be forever the first choice and it was not until March 1965 that he got his first chance.

He and Blacklaw then fought it out for the goalkeeper's jersey but when Thomson won it back after the Christmas games in 1966 it spelled the end for Blacklaw and for the next two and a half years he was a regular.

Small for a goalkeeper, he turned in some outstanding performances and none surely better than that against Napoli when apparently his misunderstood gesture led to the after match scenes that saw Blacklaw arrested for his own safety.

Thomson saved a penalty on his debut, one that he gave away in a 2-0 win at Leicester. He became something of a star when it came to the penalties and saved several during his Burnley career.

That was a career that came to an end abruptly in the summer of 1969 after which he went on to play for both Blackpool and Barrow, then themselves in the Football League.

It's farewell to another of our outstanding players from the 1960s and my thoughts are with Harry's family at this sad time.

Source: Clarets Mad