Game number five for Foy

09 February 2010 09:08
Tonight will see Burnley play their 25th Premier League game when we travel to Craven Cottage to play Fulham, and it will be the fifth time one of our games has been refereed by Chris Foy. The St. Helens official first refereed our home win against Sunderland and followed that up with our away games at Blackburn and West Ham before refereeing the home game on Boxing Day against Bolton.Generally there has been no problem with him, although I remain convinced he got it wrong by allowing Blackburn's second goal at Ewood Park. However, of the four previous games it was the one at West Ham that brought him some stick from our then manager who claimed not one of the five goals should have stood.He's now refereed 25 games this season. He's sent off three players, the last of which was Steven Caldwell in that 5-3 defeat at West Ham. His yellow card count has now gone up to 72. Four of those were in the Community Shield game, and of the others, 31 have gone to home team players and 37 to away team players. Amazingly, in his last five games there have only been four yellow cards.Tonight he will be assisted by Mike Bull (Essex) and Ron Ganfield (Somerset). Fourth official tonight is Dean Whitestone (Northamptonshire), and given past experience with this referee it is best he's on that side of the white line. Previous Burnley games:SeasonOppsVResYRBurnley players cardeda1997/98Lincolnh2-151Blatherwick Winstanley1998/99Buryh1-420Little1999/2000Oldhama1-030Cook1999/2000Notts Countya0-250Bracnh Little Mullin West2000/01West Bromh1-120Thomas2002/03Rotherhamh2-650Blake Davis Little2003/04Crystal Palaceh2-342Gnohere Weller2003/04Wolvesa0-220Branch2004/05Rotherhama0-010Duff2004/05Aston Villah3-110Grant2006/07Stokea1-030Elliott Harley2007/08Hullh0-111Unsworth(R)2008/09Arsenala0-310McDonald2009/10Sunderlandh3-130.2009/10Blackburna2-360Carlisle Jensen Mears2009/10West Hama3-531Caldwell(R) Jensen2009/10Boltonh1-100.