Coyle feels stronger from abuse

19 May 2010 09:06
olton boss Owen Coyle believes the abuse he received from Burnley supporters helped make him a better manager.

Coyle was lauded as a hero at Turf Moor as he guided the Clarets into the Premier League last summer before becoming the subject of the supporters' fury when he elected to join their North West rivals in January.

The former Falkirk and St Johnstone boss was taken aback by the bile directed towards him, but feels he has grown as a result.

Coyle told the Daily Star: "It was fair to say the stick I got was not particularly nice. I understood where it was coming from. I can't say I enjoyed it, definitely not.

"But the traumatic things that happened in January have given me extra steel that was probably needed to deal with stuff that comes my way.

"I am still a young manager. I don't have all the answers but I am getting better year in and year out.

"I am better than this time last year and some of that will be down to the experiences I have had."

Coyle has defended his decision to turn his back on Burnley and insists they did not have the financial muscle to match his own ambitions in the top flight.

He added: "The plan put in place at Burnley was the right plan for that football club financially, because in the season where we came up, there were two or three occasions where it was tight paying salaries.

"The cup runs we had helped us but the chairman Barry Kilby and the director Brendan Flood poured in a lot of their own personal money - and at a huge risk they might not get it back.

"So the plan Burnley had was the right plan for Burnley but not the right plan for us, in terms of my development and how hard we'd worked to get to the Premier League.

"We worked as hard we could as staff to get to the Premier League but accepted the club could go no further in terms of finance."

Source: Team_Talk