Clarets face Eckersley tribunal

16 September 2009 04:27
Burnley are set to face a tribunal after being unable to agree a fee with Manchester United for the recent signing of defender Richard Eckersley. The 20-year-old opted to leave Old Trafford in the summer to sign a four-year contract with the Clarets, but the two clubs have failed to come to an agreement between themselves. Burnley chief executive Paul Fletcher told the Lancashire Telegraph: "There's a reasonable chance it will go to a tribunal. "We're not a million miles apart on a fee, but it is a sizeable distance. "It's all down to people's opinions. Right the way through, everything we do at the football club we back our manager. "He sees him as one figure and Manchester United see him as another - we've valued him as a lot less than they have. "We just hope that, if it does go to a tribunal, that we get a fair judgement."

Source: ESA