Burnley debut for Haines

19 October 2010 10:45
It's a first Burnley game tonight for Sunderland based referee Andy Haines who is now in his fourth season on the Football League list. Londoner Haines started refereeing in the South East but relocated to the North East of the country in 2000 and worked his way up through the Wearside and Northern Leagues, initially becoming a Football League assistant referee.I've not seen him referee and his Championship experience totals eleven games of which all but two were last season. He certainly doesn't appear to be a referee who over uses his cards either.This season he's had one Championship game in his eight games and that was Scunthorpe's 2-0 home defeat against Bristol City. In his eight games he's yellow carded 23 players and, as yet, the red card, has remained firmly in his pocket. He's sent off just nine players since becoming a Football League referee.Of his yellow cards this season he's given eleven to home players and twelve to away players. HIs last game was a week last Saturday when four players were carded in Rochdale's 1-0 home defeat against Yeovil. The players carded were Craig Dawson, Matt Done and Joe Widdowson (all Rochdale) and Yeovil's Nathan Smith.The assistant referees are Gary Hilton and Dave McCallum (Tyne & Wear). The fourth official is Tony Harrington (Cleveland).