Burnley are second favourites say the fans

01 August 2010 02:24
The Observer newspaper today has published their fans guide to the 2010/11 season and when asked for promotion candidates only Middlesbrough have come out with more votes than the Clarets. One supporter from each of the 24 clubs has been asked, amongst other things, to name the three clubs who they think will be promoted to replace Blackpool and two others, and the three they think will be facing League One football in a year's time.You could vote for your own club to go up, that's how Preston got on the list, and to go down if you weren't too enthusiastic about your own club's chances. The supporters of both Portsmouth and Scunthorpe felt their clubs would be relegated.Down at the bottom it was a clear vote for Scunthorpe to go down with no fewer than 21 of the 24 predicting a relegation place for them. If the fans are close to correct they'll be joined by Millwall and one of Barnsley or Watford.At the other end of the table, there is confidence that Gordon Strachan will return Middlesbrough to the Premier League after a two year absence, with Burnley going up with them along with Nottingham Forest.Click HERE to read the fans' views.The votes cast were as follows:Promotion19: Middlesbrough12: Burnley10: Nottingham Forest6: Cardiff5: Reading, Sheffield United4: Hull2: Leicester, Norwich, QPR1: Bristol City, Ipswich, Leeds, Preston, SwanseaRelegation21: Scunthorpe12: Millwall8: Barnsley, Watford7: Crystal Palace6: Portsmouth4: Doncaster3: Preston1: Cardiff, Leeds, SwanseaNow you can make your own mind up. There is a voting poll on the front page of the site asking which club will be the biggest thread to the Clarets. All fourteen who received votes as shown above have been included.The poll will run until the end of Wednesday.