Austin is voted best player in Brighton defeat

08 September 2012 01:06
Burnley fell to a third successive league defeat last Saturday at home to Brighton and it was a game and performance from the Clarets where very few of our players impressed.

The two who did, certainly above all the others, were forward Charlie Austin and goalkeeper Lee Grant, and it is no surprise to see these two players take the top two places in both the man of the match vote and the player ratings.

Austin was the clear man of the match winner, polling 39.9% of the vote which was more than twice that gained by Grant who was second with a 17.2% share. Chris McCann was third with 8.4% with Dean Marney and Kieran Trippier jointly taking fourth place having both polled 5.4% of the vote.

The top two were the same in the player ratings, and the only two players to score above the average of six out of ten. Austin was just short of the seven for a good performance with a rating of 6.98 out of 10 and Grant, again second, had a rating of 6.67.

Such was the performance that the two substitutes to rate took the next two places. Ross Wallace, who came on just past the hour for debutant Cameron Stewart, was third with a rating of 5.69 and a lowly rating of 5.20 out of 10 was enough to give Martin Paterson, who replaced Marvin Bartley at half time, fourth place.

The points won - 10 for Austin, 6 for Grant, 2 for McCann and Wallace, 1 for Marney, Paterson and Trippier - have been entered into the Clarets Mad Player of the Year Table and the result of that sees Grant join Marney at the top of the table with Austin now in third place, just two points behind.

With the first international break of the season now on us, the next man of the match vote will be for next week's home game against Peterborough. Voting will get underway within an hour of the final whistle.


39.9% - Charlie Austin (81 votes)17.2% - Lee Grant (35 votes) 8.4% - Chris McCann (17 votes) 5.4% - Dean Marney & Kieran Trippier (11 votes) 4.9% - Joseph Mills (10 votes) 3.9% - Martin Paterson (8 votes) 3.0% - Jason Shackell & Ross Wallace (6 votes) 2.5% - David Edgar & Cameron Stewart (5 votes) 2.0% - Marvin Bartley & Junior Stanislas (4 votes)


6.98 - Charlie Austin6.67 - Lee Grant5.69 - Ross Wallace5.20 - Martin Paterson5.16 - Chris McCann5.13 - Kieran Trippier5.00 - Joseph Mills4.84 - Dean Marney4.71 - David Edgar4.38 - Jason Shackell4.17 - Junior Stanislas4.16 - Marvin Bartley4.13 - Cameron Stewart


20: Lee Grant & Dean Marney18: Charlie Austin15: Joseph Mills14: Kieran Trippier13: Chris McCann10: Brian Jensen8: Jason Shackell6: Marvin Bartley3: Martin Paterson2: Steven Hewitt & Ross Wallace1: Michael Duff & Ben Mee