And Coyle makes three

02 December 2013 04:47
This morning, in the Championship review, I wrote of the managerial departures at both Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday. I also made reference to some of Owen Coyle's rant against the Wigan fans yesterday but didn't expect this morning's news. Concrete Jungle Vacancy - New Manager Required

I should have taken a look at the message board before starting to write anything. The news Of Coyle's sacking broke on there, via GolfoutletClaret, just after 11 p.m. yesterday, and the first official (or sort of) news hardly surprisingly came from Alan Nixon.

The news has been met with delight by Burnley supporters, but much more importantly the Wigan fans seem to be celebrating it. At yesterday's game Coyle was taunted when the Derby fans sang "You're getting sacked in the morning" with the Wigan fans more than happy to join in.

It was mid-June when he was appointed to replace Roberto Martinez, described by owner Dave Whelan as the outstanding candidate. Whelan said at the time: "The aim is to get back into what I consider to be the best league in the world at the earliest opportunity. We will do everything in our power to do that.

"Owen has shown enthusiasm and passion from the moment I met him. He's been there and done it with Burnley. He wasn't so successful at Bolton but he had a lot of injuries and bad luck. People forget that. You need luck at times but he's certainly got the passion, energy and enthusiasm I was looking for."

Coyle had just missed out on the Wolves job and I recall reading a Wolves forum at the time. Their fans seemed to prefer Coyle to Kenny Jackett and were disappointed with their new man. I'm not so sure they'll be too unhappy now with the way things have unfolded since.

Having said that it is only just over a year since some Burnley fans were advocating he should be given a Turf Moor return when Eddie Howe left; a strange thought given the way he left us and how he then went on to improve Bolton each year as he promised.

Quite simply the Wigan fans didn't take to him and from his words more recently he hasn't taken to the Wigan fans too much either. But, of course, as he told the press last week, no team in the world has ever had to play as many games as Wigan have been forced to play this season.

One Wigan fan today quoted Clarke Carlisle who said recently: "We got promoted at Burnley eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and drinking Irn Bru on the Friday before games. I wonder what our lads have been on before games."

It worked at Burnley for a period of time. He had a group of experienced players who helped carry him through; the same group who made it difficult for our next two managers. Much of the criticism aimed at him from Bolton was about his training methods. Maybe they didn't have such a supply of the required doughnuts.

Not too long ago I was talking to a prominent figure at Burnley Football Club who suggested that Coyle had well and truly landed on his feet at Wigan. I said it would not surprise me if he'd lost his job by the time they came to the Turf. I have to be honest and admit I didn't think he'd have gone in advance of our trip to Wigan at the end of this month.

But he has gone. I didn't smile this morning when I got the news, I laughed out loud. It does augur well for the future. We can go toe-to-toe with Wigan now they are no longer one of the elite clubs.

Maybe a League One or League Two club will come calling - in Scotland. He's certainly made a right Uncle Joe's Mint Balls of it at Wigan.

Source: Clarets Mad


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