Adcock to referee against Tykes

06 December 2013 06:31
Nottinghamshire referee James Adcock will be the man with the whistle when we face Barnsley tomorrow at Turf Moor. It will be his third Burnley game after refereeing us twice last season against Swindon and Bristol City.

The Swindon game in the Capital One Cup last season was the first time he'd ever refereed us. but I think Adcock will remember his first Football League game more readily than that cup tie.

He's been a league referee since the start of the 2011/12 season, coming in at the age of 27, but he was given one game in the previous season between Macclesfield and Wycombe. It was a baptism of fire for him with three players sent off in stoppage time when all hell broke loose as many of the players joined in a mass brawl.

He's had things a bit calmer since and he's caused us no problems on the two occasions he's refereed us. He has had his moments though and has twice since had games when he's sent off two players.

This season he's refereed 13 games so far of which six have been in the Championship. In those games he's yellow carded 44 players and he's three times shown his red card. The first of those red cards came in his last Championship match in October when he dismissed Huddersfield's James Vaughan in a 2-1 defeat at Leicester.

Of those yellow cards 19 have gone to home team players and 25 to away team players. The last three of those came in his last game, as did his last red, which was Crewe's 1-0 win against Crawley last Saturday. Crewe's Vadaine Oliver was sent off ten minutes into the second half for two yellow cards and both Mark Connolly and James Hurst of Crawley were yellow carded.

James Adcock is 33rd in RATE THE REF with a rating of 65.38 out of 100.

The assistant referees are Paul Curry (Northumberland) and Mark Dwyer (West Yorkshire). The fourth official is Football League referee Steve Rushton (Staffordshire) whose only Burnley game was the 1-0 home defeat against Portsmouth two years ago this week.

Previous Burnley Games

Season Opponents V Res Y R Burnley Players Carded               2012/13 SWINDON a 1-3 6 0 n Austin, Mee 2012/13 BRISTOL CITY h 3-1 4 0 n Marney, Wallace, Paterson

Source: Clarets Mad