Adamson goes top

12 September 2013 08:03
The most recent Burnley FC book, the biography of Jimmy Adamson by Dave Thomas, has gone to the top of the charts on Amazon.

Right now, the Kindle edition of the book stands proudly in first place in the 'Best Sellers in English Football Association' category and the hardback version isn't far behind in seventh place.

Of the five in between there is 'Trautmann's Journey' by Catrine Clay, one of two hardback books higher placed, there's 'The Football Association Coaching Book of Soccer Tactics' by former FA coach Charles Hughes, the paperback 'English Football League & FA Premier League Tables 1888-2013' and both the Kindle and hardback versions of Wayne Rooney's 'My Decade in the Premier League'.

'Jimmy Adamson - The Man who said no to England' is currently available on Amazon at £12.23 (hardback) and £3.82 (Kindle).

It's a big chance to get what has become a best seller at a good price. Just visit AMAZON to get your copy.

Source: Clarets Mad