2BR or not 2BR that is the question

04 August 2010 11:31
The major talking point just ahead of the season has suddenly turned away from football and moved on to radio commentary of Burnley's home games. In the last seven years all of our home games have been covered live by one or both of the local radio stations, BBC Radio Lancashire and the independent 2BR.On Monday of last week Burnley Football Club confirmed that their premium content web based Clarets Player would be the ONLY place to hear LIVE commentary of EVERY first team game.The news went almost unnoticed, that is until this week when it has been confirmed that of our 23 home league games next season only four of them will be covered live by Radio Lancashire with 2BR not having been able to strike a deal with the club, albeit that deal being a restriction on the full service they've offered since 2003.Clarets Mad have not been involved in the negotiations between Burnley FC and the two radio stations, and you wouldn't expect us to have been, but what we can comment on is the result of these negotiations and the fact that they will hit some of our supporters very badly.For 19 of our home games next season there will be NO LIVE commentary for those unable to attend and for some who need the facility despite being inside Turf Moor.I, personally, have an elderly relative, a committed Claret of many years, who is no longer able to go to games because of failing health. 'Clarets Player', ' internet' and 'web sites' are not part of his vocabulary, I've not even been able to explain Clarets Mad to him. He relies heavily on the local radio stations for his Burnley FC fix on a Saturday afternoon. He's going to miss out now.A friend is very partially sighted, and whilst he is a season ticket holder attending all games he makes use of the live commentary from local radio to add to his limited vision. He'll now struggle.The radio stations have remained silent as far as I know, the club have made it clear that part of the decision to restrict the radio stations is to promote their premium web facility.Me, I don't care who is to blame for this, if indeed anyone is, but some heads need to be banged together or at least put round a table again to sort this out. Until they do, the only losers are genuine supporters of Burnley Football Club and that's disgraceful.