Bulgaria eyes E.Europe league, report says

16 November 2011 11:17

Bulgarian football officials have unveiled plans for creating an Eastern European League for clubs in the region that often fail to make it into UEFA tournaments, 7 Dni Sport reported on Wednesday.

The idea, launched by CSKA Sofia president Dimitar Borisov, has won support from other Bulgarian and foreign clubs and interest from the Ukrainian and Russian football federations.

"This league will give meaning to clubs which find it increasingly hard to qualify for the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League," Borisov was cited as telling a discussion on the project Tuesday.

He said teams from 12 countries, along with Ukrainian and Russian representatives, were interested in the idea, which sought to raise football standards and bring spectators back to the stadiums.

It is however opposed by Europe's football governing body, which diminishes its chances of success, 7 Dni Sport said.

Potential sponsors of the tournament also hinged their support on UEFA's agreement and Borisov said he would invite both UEFA and FIFA officials for talks once the idea gets more concrete.

Source: AFP