Boys made to perform sexual acts

27 November 2009 11:30
Two boys aged 12 and one 11-year-old who made their victims perform sex acts in a Bristol park, have been given one year supervision orders.Their victims were other boys who were forced to strip and carry out the acts in Hengove Park, the city's Youth Court heard. [LNB]Each defendant admitted two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. [LNB]They will be supervised by youth offending teams for up to a year. [LNB][LNB] The victims and their families are extremely shocked by what has happened Avon and Somerset Police One of the boys spoke to say he wished the episode had never happened. [LNB]The court heard the two groups of boys knew each other and were originally going to ride each other's bikes. [LNB]But the meeting was said to have quickly degenerated with the victims being forced to perform acts of degradation "out of fear", the court heard. [LNB]Two of the defendants had been struggling to come to terms with racist abuse having come to Britain from Africa, their defence team said. [LNB]Magistrate David Parsons sentenced all three to 12-month referral orders during which they will be supervised by youth offending teams. [LNB]Nigel Curnock, of Avon and Somerset Police, said after the case: "Crimes of cruelty and abuse committed by children against children understandably arouse strong emotions. [LNB]"The victims and their families are extremely shocked by what has happened. [LNB]"The determination of the police to ensure the defendants face punishment before a criminal court sends out a strong message that behaviour like this is not accepted."

Source: BBC_Sport