Johnson rues 'horrendous' luck

02 March 2010 01:09
Brian Wilson, Jamie McCombe, Marvin Elliott and Evander Sno are all struggling with injury while Patrick Agyemang and James Wilson are still recovering from a virus that recently hit the club.

"All managers have to put up with players missing from time to time but this is exceptional," Johnson told the Bristol Evening Post. "I don't want to make excuses but we have had horrendous luck with injury and illness this season.

"In fact I've not seen anything like it since I started out in management. It has been one problem after another and there seems to be no end to it.

"It's as though we have been cursed. It feels as though our squad has been stretched to its limits for most of the season and there is no sign of the problem ending anytime soon.

"It's reached the stage recently where it has been difficult finding seven players sit on the bench on a Saturday."

Source: Team_Talk

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