Gus Poyet and Co the hard men in football management

By 27 June 2013 09:43

With Poyet set to appeal, the Championship club is searching for an interim manager.

Yes I too was somewhat stunned in my seat when Gus Poyet’s eyes got redder and redder when he was quizzed by the BBC commentator in last Sundays match when Spain won, and yes Torres scored with a wicked brave header diving to the ball with inches away of the defenders foot to the right of his head.

I was listening closely as Poyet gripped back his emotions when asked if he was still the manager of Brighton, and one thing that he said which I thought, well serve you right, he said I do things my way, well, brawling with players in the dressing room after missing out to getting to the premiership is no excuse. I for one would not wish to have someone who uses brawn and fear tactics to players when it does not go his own way, and now seriously wonder if the players feared him to have lasted so long at nearing the top of last seasons championship. Sam Allodyce is a classic example of putting the fear in his players, ask the team Captain who they all go to to ask Allodyce the grievances.

There is no room for it in my book, and in any work place, and especially a physical sport such as football, ok fine, you would say they get adequately compensated for it, but still fearing another human being is no excuse not in this

country.I just hope that the former Barcelona midfielder Oscar Garcia, who left his position as boss of Maccabi Tel Aviv last month, is in line to take over, and manages his players in a more light manner.

Source: DSG

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