Why we should have the World cup every two years

02 April 2014 09:22

After the first game of football played under Association rules in 1864, some noble gentlemen toasted to the ”success of football regardless of class or creed”. Such honour, at such a time, has directly led to the global industry of football. Regardless of the obvious, Football fans the world over have found a common glue that helps to generate peaceful relations between states. It is amazing, a systemic masterpiece. Through sport we can now battle in our minds. It’s a much better vibe than so called Realism. So much love and so many relationships have been enhanced across state boundaries by sport. We can now see its importance in our harmonious co-existence. Really.

The world cup is the centrepiece of footballs efforts to assist global harmony, we hope. For this reason alone we should consider bi-annual world cups forthwith. Basically, its multi -fairer and would generate new revenue streams in less obvious countries. Fairer for players with more opportunity. Fairer for countries who can now host a world cup. Fairer for fans who get more chance to be world champion supporters. Fairer for society because it’s fairer. It would also remove the need for the projected international friendly leagues which may prove draining and worthless. By having a concurrent qualifying tournament at sub level to the world cup in a nearby country perhaps we could really begin to enhance the “carnival of the multitudes” aspect of the world cup. Two tournaments at the same time. The world cup and a lower level world cup qualification/ seeding tournament with its own final.

A world cup every two years fits the pace of modern life much better too. It is slightly old fashioned to still be world champions 3 and a half years after victory. Most sports have annual champions so International football should come more into line. Every two years would show us a better slice of our football history. Surely, if a team is that good they win it twice in four years anyway. Paradoxically perhaps, the time has come to let the players have some rest in the summer months. The clubs pay the wages so having fit players is key. By scrapping/ altering the continental championships such as Euros (and the qualification that is required) a different workload could be imagined - about 50% - 75% of current International commitments. Knock on benefits to national leagues would accrue. It would be possible to have a zonal (per continent) championship match/matches after the world cup based on tournament performance.

Football PR talks about post world cup legacy. What better legacy than to have the world cup magic return to all those venues (built at such expense) a bit more often. Lets have the WC back in South Africa in 2020 to honour Mandela’s clear vision. Lets enjoy Quatar 2022 and celebrate the “success of football regardless of class or creed”. Seriously, lets all celebrate. Then please, can we have a 2024 World Cup back in the UK please. To FIFA with love. Let the world cup shine brighter. Peace.

Source: DSG