Teamwork key for Parreira

07 June 2006 01:01
Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has warned that talent alone will not be enough to secure a sixth World Cup triumph this summer. The Selecao have the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Adriano among their number, but Parreira says that teamwork will prove to be a crucial factor if his side are to retain their title. He said: "You win a World Cup by having a team. Players can win a match, but not a tournament. "You need tactical organisation, discipline and, above all, a lot of work. "Brazil would have played in every final if it was enough to win the World Cup with talent alone. "You need balance and we are working to achieve that, to get our players, who are very offensive-minded, to put themselves in a position to help defensively too. "Our soccer is known for its beauty, technical quality and creativity, but we can't lose our team spirit."

Source: ESA