Scolari has courage of convictions

23 March 2014 06:47

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari insisted Sunday he is not under pressure as he bids to take the tournament hosts to a sixth World Cup success.

"I will choose my group based on my convictions," Scolari, who led the Selecao to their most recent World Cup triumph in 2002, said.

The 65-year-old, who is to name his squad on May 7, has just two more friendlies -- against Panama and Serbia -- to find a winning blend.

Rio daily O Dia on Sunday carried comments Scolari made to a range of celebrity interviewers, including 1980s stars Zico and Bebeto, on his feelings ahead of the tournament.

Asked if he was starting to feel the pressure with kickoff against Croatia barely ten weeks away, Scolari said: "Things are calm as we are planning carefully."

He insisted he had a "great team" and that "being Brazil's last world champion (coach) leaves me all the calmer."

Scolari was jocular when former player Juninho Paulista asked "if Brazil are world champions will you shave off your moustache?"

'Felipao' replied: "I don't have any authorization to get rid of the moustache -- but we shall study proposals."

Source: AFP