Kaka's having a ball

05 June 2010 05:19

Brazil star Kaka has defended the controversial ball which will be used in the upcoming World Cup finals.

The 'Jabulani' ball has been criticised by Spain's Iker Casillas, Italy's Gianluigi Buffon and England's David James as the movement of the ball, particularly at altitude, is the major cause for concern for goalkeepers, but Kaka has shrugged off the controversy.

"I will not criticise it," the Real Madrid player said. "Since I've been a footballer there have been criticisms of the ball. It was the same in the Confederations Cup, World Cup 2002, the last and other championships. The problem is that the impact at the World Cup is much bigger."

He added: "We have created this controversy but everyone is adapting and hopefully we will be champions with this ball."

Source: PA