Brazil use home soil and crowd advantage to stun Spain

02 July 2013 09:49

You could tell that Brazil where highly charged due to the last three weeks of riots outside the stadium, and they all looked partly responsible that there beloved country had been put in turmoil.

When the national anthem was on, everyone of the players sang with pride, passion and as loud as possible, biting on every word, it was something from the 300, these brave soldiers ready to face the 100 armies of Persia.

From kick off, Brazil where highly charged with the crowd pulling and willing them forward. There where some scrappy ankle nibbles here and there in midfield with Brazil taking advantage of it, already having the referee award free kicks. But, in the 1.38 minute, from what looked like a fall over in the 6 yard area of the Spanish goal, Fred scored from being put to the ground, and to his amazement the ball came back to his right foot from skimping of the goal keepers glove, and he slotted it into to the goal, it was stuff made up from Roy of the Rovers.

With Spain shell shocked, and trying to compose themselves with there trade mark of telling passes, Torres could not control a long ball on there first attack and the ball harmlessly went out for a goal kick.

Brazil where up for it, as if they where driven by the devil, the Spanish where looking more and more shaky as the game went on. Spain the European and World Champions even looked docile and out classed at times. On 7 minute into the match, Oscar hit a delicious low ball that just went passed the left post. Then tempers flared with Torres who caught Marcello and it all became push and shove with other players getting involved. The referee and team captains pulled them apart to restart the match.

Brazil where pressing on the Spanish midfield, Luis drifted on the left and with is majestic passing hit a long ball to Marcello who was just outside of the ball and caught him ball watching, that was the start for Luis.

Paulinho floated a delicious effortless ball that the goal keeper had to tip onto the bar. Brazil where working hard to unsettle the Spanish giving them no time to produce passes.

On the 14 minute Neymar was caught on the way to goal by Arbeloa and got a yellow card but that was wasted. Spain at times found composure and where happy to see Brazil push the panic button when the ball was anywhere near the 18 yard area. Iniesta hit a long ranged shot just passed the post. Torres within minutes headed the ball over the bar, and Spain started to make some telling passes.

Brazil could see that Spain where getting into to the game, and a pass to Fred, seeing his shot just squeezed passed the post, with hulk being the next to miss the target.

Spain came back with a shot that the ball was fizzing to goal with the keeper caught out of position, but Luis with a super human run caught the ball as it was just to cross the line and it flew over the bar.

Neymar silenced the Spanish by scoring a wonderful go that curled fast and furious passed the goal keeper as if it where a penalty from where he was on the left of goal.

In the second half Spain where awarded a penalty only to see Ramos squander it passed the left post.

Brazil finally silenced the Spanish defence with another goal this time a clean shot from Fred that gave the keeper no chance.

Luis was the player of the game, he showed drive, passion, telling passes, and a man possessed when the opposition came any where near his goal. He will be one of the super stars of the world cup on his home soil next year, and by the time he reaches Chelsea for pre season training, his worth on the market world would have become three fold.

Brazil deserved to lift the Federation Cup, and the question now rests whether they can produce this sort of passion in the world cup, this is the key to them winning it.

Source: DSG