Brazil 2014 - Is This The Best World Cup Ever?

By 03 July 2014 09:25

The pre World Cup worries of a poor infrastructure and delays in stadium completion have all but been forgotten about. This is due to this intense level of football entertainment quality the Brazil 2014 World Cup has displayed.

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke approves of the tournament - “I think it is the best World Cup in terms of the soccer," Valcke said in an interview with Globo television's SporTV cable channel. Brazil 2014 has already beaten the amount of goals scored at the previous tournament in South Africa. 154 goals have been scored, and with 8 games remaining to beat France ‘98’s all-time record of 171 goals, history being rewritten is on the cards.

Excluding the statistics this World Cup has enhanced the reputation of many ‘underdog’ nations like the USA, Nigeria, Chile, Switzerland, Algeria and many more. These teams have gained respect from the football community and contributed towards highly pulsating matches, adding to the spectacle.

With 8 games left let’s hope this World Cup stays on the pace to be the best ever.

Source: DSG

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