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Grosskreutz facing kebab assault charge

06 May 2014 13:46:52

Grosskreutz facing kebab assault charge

Borussia Dortmund's German international winger Kevin Grosskreutz has had a complaint for assault filed against him after allegedly throwing a kebab into the face of a Cologne fan, the Bild newspaper reported Tuesday.

Grosskreutz had just bought a kebab in the early hours of Monday morning with a team-mate when they were verbally abused by a group of Cologne supporters celebrating their club's promotion to the Bundesliga.

The defender is alleged to have thrown the kebab, a sandwich traditionally filled with grilled meat, salad and garlic sauce, and widely found in fast-food shops on German streets, into the face of one of the Cologne fans, who filed the complaint.

"It is correct that a complaint has been filed against Mr Grosskreutz and a criminal enquiry into assault has been launched," Bild quoted a local police spokesman as saying.

The 25-year-old player, capped four times for Germany, apologised for his pique of kebab throwing.

"I felt I had been attacked in my private life and I found the situation hurtful," Grosskreutz said.

"Of course I would have done better to have thrown the kebab on the ground. It's obvious that it wasn't the best solution and I'm sorry for that."


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